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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Make my body your canvas! Tattoo Parlor Erotica

Repost from 9/27/04

Buzzzzz....Oh Yes! Tattoo Erotica
There is something erotic, sensual and forbidden about getting tattooed. The pain/pleasure is like no other feeling. Curiously, I find the experience to be quite different depending on the tattoo artist. A few of my tattoo artists have been AS FINE AS HELL, and stripping down to my bra while laying my hand on their lap for hours as they inflict pleasurable pain on me, definitely becomes an amazing and erotic experience. The sound of the tattoo needle totally turns me on. There is also a definite rush or high you experience during and after the tattooing. Beware....once bitten by the tattoo needle, you become forever addicted.

Vader's Tantalizing Tattoo History
Each tattoo on my body tells a permanent story that I will share. Here is a link to photos of some of my tattoos. Tattoos serve as a living history to the body they adorn. Tattoos or skin art is an ancient tradition that connotes tribal images or that of sailors and prisoners. These days, tattoos seem to be breaking out of class restraints, becoming more acceptable in mainstream culture.

Ohhhhh My Virgin Skin!
Your first tattoo is the most meaningful. According to tattoo lore, you should pick something very unique to your personality. My first year at UC Berkeley, I was liberated from a bad marriage and ready for a permanent symbol of my new power. Being a history major, I focused on the Burning Times and the lost traditions of witchcraft. Because I identified with the millions of women who were burned or killed in this time period, I chose the magical symbol of the pentacle for my first tattoo. Fellow Berkeley alumnus, and world-renowned author Starhawk, wrote the books the Spiral Dance, for which I copied my pentacle. I then picked a spot that would be visible over my 12-hole Doc Martins, on my right leg just above my thigh. While visiting a former navy wife friend in Fresno, she took me to her biker guy tattoo artist, where I received my first ink. I don’t remember much about the tattoo parlor, other than it was a dusty store front, with tattoo photos covering the walls. The artist was this burley biker looking guy, who my friend claimed did great work. She was right, my tattoo came out fabulously,one of my most powerful tattoos to this day, (and my marking as a witch). Blessed Be!

Bandito Biker Parlor
Soon after my first, I had the itch again. This time I was visiting friends back home in Bremerton and my girlfriend and I decided to get tattooed together. We went with her mother who knew the Bandito biker gang, and claimed she knew affiliated tattoo artists. I chose another symbol, a yin-yang. This tattoo parlor was filled with biker types, and accompanying Harley Davidson motorcycles lined outside of the storefront. This tattoo came out terrible, kinda lopsided, and to me looks like a jailhouse tattoo. It’s now on my list of touch-ups. This is also the last time I have been tattooed by a burley biker guy.

Zebra Fetish Night
Right after finishing my last final one semester, I decided to reward myself with a tattoo. Buzzed off snakebites from the Bear’s Lair I headed to Zebra (some say the fast food style tattoo parlor) on Telegraph Ave in Berkeley. Zebra was also a well-lit store/head shop and piercing parlor. The staff included good looking, young, tattooed and pierced people. I decided upon a barbwire cuff and was delighted to see the hot and sexy tattoo artist. Spending a drunken few hours stripped down, and laying my hand longingly across his thigh drove me wild. Now, this was an amazing and erotic high. The sexual chemistry was wild, and a totally unforgettable experience. I went back to Zebra a semester later and got my kitty cat tattoo. Again, the artists was hot as hell, but this time I had a boyfriend with me, so I had to control my obvious arousal.

Pamela Anderson and NW Hardcore
Soon after my barbed wire tat, Pamela Anderson got a similar tattoo. It didn’t help that my hair was bleached blond at the time. I was annoyed as hell at the comments, so I decided to make mine unique. Living back in Bremerton at the time, my good friend from high school happened to also be a tattoo artist. Shaun was a hard-bodied hardcore musician who pounded the drums in the local music scene. He designed some vined roses for the top of my barbed wire and finished the cuff into a full band. Being that Shaun is FINE and we have total unfulfilled sexual chemistry (he was my roommate for years too), this was another erotic and tantalizing experience.

You Know What Im Down For....Oakland Brand Hard Core!
When living in Oakland, I was ready for more ink. My OBHC friend Kenny took me to Sacred Tattoo, which was run by one of the members of the HardCore band Powerhouse. It was now time for me to permanently embrace my love and worship of Star Wars, especially my father Darth Vader. My Darth Vader tattoo is still my favorite, and probably the best piece of work.

Thank You Sugar Daddy
For a stint I was lucky enough to have sugar daddy. This guy was my age, and also a political mover and shaker, who made good money through business ventures. We never had sex; I instead was his trophy girlfriend. He used to wine and dine me at the most expensive restaurants, and take me on luxurious trips. On a trip to Vegas for New Years, he spoiled me at the Luxur, bought me Vegas clothes, and even a new tattoo. We picked Sin City Tattoo parlor where I picked a tribal rose piece off the wall. I got this piece on the back of my neck (upper back), and it is the ONLY tattoo that brought tears to my eyes from the pain.

Lucky Boy and LOVE Tattoos
The guy from Sin City Tattoos told me he had a friend opening a shop in Bremerton. When I moved back, I looked the guy up for more work. Nate from Lucky Boys has continued to do GREAT work on me ever since. My first tattoo from him was a marijuana leaf with a red cross medical symbol. This is the symbol for medical marijuana and safe access. At the time, I was working at a Patient Cannabis Club in California, and also part of a US Supreme Court Case for the Oakland CBC. I felt a permanent tattoo would mark my commitment to this cause. My 19-year-old boytoy jack, was up visiting at the time, and we decided to get the same tattoos together. A symbol of our commitment to the cause, and of our lusty relationship. Soon after that, I got my Rebel Alliance tattoo on my wrist, and Darth Vader’s Tie fighter on my hand. A few years later, while in my last serious relationship, my boyfriend and I got love kanji’s on our wrist. A now permanent reminder of a failed relationship, and lost love.....

Nasty Blue Devils
My friend Kevin, who I met through the Seattle Hemp Coalition, did my last two tattoos. Kevin now works at Blue Devil Tattoo, a new parlor in Bremerton ran by sexy adult film entrepreneur Vito and a motley crew assortment of other characters. Before Blue Devil opened, Kevin tattooed in Tacoma. My first tattoo from him is a green ribbon. This tattoo was in memoriam of Peter McWilliams, the world-renowned author and libertarian who had AIDS and Cancer and died after chocking on his vomit. Peter was involved in a federal case that would not allow him to use medical marijuana for his nausea (despite the fact that he was a certified patient under Prop 215). A week after being on 20/20 saying he spent all day in the fetal position nauseated, he aspirated over the toilet bowl. Many of us activists have the green ribbon on our bodies as a permanent homage to Peter.

Modern Skin Art
Though I loved my medical marijuana tattoo on my arm, it was so beautiful and well done; it started to draw the wrong kind of attention. I could not go to the beach with my son, wear summer dresses in public, or really show it anywhere without causing a scene. Devastated, I realized I needed to cover it. Kevin told me he could cover it with a tattoo of the Death Star exploding. The tattoo would include the Millennium Falcon, Luke and Wedge’s X-wing and Darth Vader’s Tie fighter. We did the cover tattoo, which took several hours. Being a cover, it’s hard to take, and you can still see the marijuana leaf underneath. This is kinda cool though, cuz now it looks like a new age blob, a Picasso inspired modern work of art that combines Star Wars and pot....two of my favorite things. I do think it needs a touch up, and I probably need to make a trip to Blue Devil very soon.

Well, there you have a long drawn out history of my tattoos. I could go on about tattoo parlor culture, skin wars and loyalties, and the characters in the tattoo business. But then, that would be another post I suppose.

Here are a few more links for ya.

Tattoo Care

Rebel Alliance (this PotTV show depicts me getting tattooed by Nate and Kevin)

Modern Primitives Book “the Bible of Body Modification”

Sunday, September 21, 2008

One more anal-probing-gyro-pyro-levitating-ectoplasym alien antimatter story and I'm going to take out my gun and shoot somebody - Ode to Fox Mulder

Repost from 9/21/04

Stories of alien abductions, freaky paranormal shizat, and government conspiracies always captivate and intrigue me. From Caral Sagan’s Cosmos, to Twin Peaks and In Search Of, I live for bizarre and unexplained phenomenon. X-files captured my attention more than any other show, and through this show I fell in love. My dream man is Agent Fox Mulder. Not the wuss he became at the end of the series X-files, but the lovable oddball from the earlier episodes. Mulder was this eloquent and handsome, porn loving FBI agent who never slept, didn’t even have a bed, and kept a closet full of X-rated films. He looked extremely hot in black suits, was often seen shirtless, watched adult film, and only ever had sex with a vampire (I was so jealous). It was great catching glimpses of him chatting on adult phone lines, or walking out of Triple-X theaters. He was a quirky, educated, gorgeous freak who also had a fetish for aliens and the paranormal. Like me, he was a philosophical dreamer and a believer. Mulder further really knew how to handle his weapon. He turned me on and rocked my world!

Sometimes the only sane answer to an insane world is insanity. –Fox Mulder

Domestication of the Freak
The slow evolution of Mulder’s character from the quirky and freaky badass to this effeminate life mate for Scully totally ruined things. Pent up sexual tension between characters creates great charisma, but when they put the two together in some stoopid attempt at domestic bliss, it always sucks. Mulder and Scully should never have become a couple, that is when things “jumped the shark” so to speak. Plus, didn’t agent Mulder know I was waiting for him? Being a true blue X-files fan, I ALWAYS watched the show. No one was allowed to call me, talk to me, or bother me at all during that 9 to 10 Sunday night time block. The show rocked, down to the last episode. Things just never were the same without my love Mulder, and then with his wussy and domesticated return.

I love this Duchovny photo. That man is sooooooooooo HOT! (and rumored to be very well hung too)

X-files Widow
Life will never be the same for me on Sunday nights. X-files was my life for so many years. I still collect X-files action figures and memorabilia; I guess you could say I obsess on the show. For now I remain an X-files widow, forever looking to the skies for my Mulder to come down and abduct me from this life.



X-Files Theme Song

In the final episode it is revealed that on December 22, 2012, aliens will invade and take over the world. In reality, December 23, 2012 is the day the ancient Mayan calendar will end.

Some of my FAVORITE Mulder quotes:

"Yes, and also I've always been intrigued by women named B.J."

"You know, sometimes, it just gets really hard to smile through it when they ask you to bend down and grab your ankles."
The Host

"Birds do it, bees do it, even educated MD's do it"
-Small Potatoes

"I didn't check into a hotel room. I don't sleep anymore."

"Well, aside from the need for corrective lenses and the tendency to be abducted by extra-terrestrials involved in an international conspiracy, the Mulder family passes genetic muster."

Byers : "Vladimir Zhirinovsky, the leader of the Russian Social Democrats, is being put into power by the most heinous force in the twetieth century."
Mulder : Barney?"

Scully : "Oh God, Mulder, it smells like...I think its bile."
Mulder : "How can I get it off my fingers without betraying my cool exterior?"

"Suggestion is a powerful force. The science of hypnosis is predicated on it, as are most TV commercials. I mean, they're designed to plant thoughts in your head."

"Hey, Scully, is this demonstration of boyish agility turning you on at all?"

"I don't know if you can see it from here, but it has no sex organs."
The Host

X-files cool trial shit that I LOVE!

The line that appears at the end of the opening sequence reads The Truth Is Out There in most episodes. However in a few episodes this line was changed as follows:
*Episode 01x23 (The Erlenmeyer Flask): Trust No One
*Episode 02x06 (Ascension): Deny Everything
*Episode 03x25 (Anasazi): Éí 'Aaníígóó 'Áhoot'é
*Episode 03x10 (731): Apology Is Policy
*Episode 04x01 (Herrenvolk): Everything Dies
*Episode 04x04 (Teliko): Deceive, Inveigle, Obfuscate
*Episode 04x10 (Terma): E Pur Si Muove
*Episode 04x24 (Gethsemane): Believe The Lie
*Episode 05x02 (Redux): All Lies Lead To The Truth
*Episode 05x14 (The Red and the Black): Resist Or Serve
*Episode 05x20 (The End): The End
*Episode 06x03 (Triangle): Die Wahrheit Ist Irgendwo Da Draussen (German, which translates as "The truth is out there somewhere")
*Episode 06x19 (The Unnatural): In The Big Inning
*Episode 07x02 (Amor Fati): Amor Fati

Some Real X-File UFO Links
National UFO Reporting Site

Alien Abduction Site

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