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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Asphyxiation and Chasing the Big O

Repost from 1/30/05


Your Freaky Fetish Is Asphyxiation!

Definition: having your breathing deprived

In this case for heightened orgasm

Usually done alone, but sometimes with a partner

Bottom line - you're one kinky mofo!!

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Asphyxiation Fetish?
I can’t get enough of these online sex quizzes. However, when I got the asphyxiation fetish results, it did catch me a little off guard. I must admit, as wild and kinky as I am, strangling myself to achieve a greater orgasm, doesn’t have much appeal. Yes, I have had lovers strangle me while having animal-like sex, and it was kinda kinky and fun, but it didn’t bring me closer to orgasm than my faithful vibrator. Tying a noose around my neck and masturbating scares me more than anything else. I’m totally not interested in sex that I can die from.

So, I decided to do a little research on this masturbation taboo.

From this site Masturbation horror stores

"So many ways to live, so many ways to die. Pretty as that thought may be, the fact is that most masturbation deaths are simple variations of auto-erotic asphyxiation. People end up suffocating themselves, either through simple strangulation with a rope, in an effort to increase orgasmic intensity, or through more creative means. And, in some cases, even if you don't end up dead, you might wish you were...

Auto-erotic asphyxiation (asphyxiophilia) accounts for 250 to 1000 deaths per year in the United States. Though cases have been reported of people from 11-75 years old, the most common practitioners are 12-25 years. It's almost exclusively a male kink; few female cases have been reported. According to one study, during asphyxiation, 51% of people engage in sexual bondage, 12% in sexual masochism, 9% in fetishism, and only 4% in transvestitism. The practice has been described in medical literature for over 100 years, in fact, in Victorian England there was a "Hanged Men's Club" in London that specialized in getting its members off through strangulation.
Source: The Archives of Sexual Behavior, Vol. 18, No. 3, 181-189"

Chasing the Big O
The first time I heard about auto-erotic asphyxiation was when INXS lead singer Michael Hutchence died. I remember being shocked and awed by this revelation. People strangle themselves and masturbate? You can achieve a better orgasm this way? To me, an orgasm is an orgasm. I can have great orgasms from a vibrator, even greater ones with a vibrator and penetration, and even better ones from oral sex. I just love the release, the intensity, and the sensation of an orgasm. But I’m definitely not chasing the ultimate “O”.

Tvland Asphyxiation Tales
One of my favorite shows Six Feet Under http://www.sixfeetunderfan.com/backtoanalysis.html featured a guy who killed himself during masturbatory asphyxiation. I guess he forgot to bite into the lemon while cumming, to wake himself up. Ive also seen this on CSI and X-files. Its definitely something I find rather creepy.

I found more information on asphyxiation from this site.

"When one talks about the pleasures he or she experiences in life, where does the feeling of an orgasm rank with you? Number one? Top three? If you're like most people, it will rank very high on your list. Now, what if you could enhance that feeling? What if you were able to achieve an orgasm so powerful that perhaps regular orgasms would no longer suffice?
During the 1980's, pop band INXS was one of the top bands of the decade. Producing hit after hit, they also had a brazen lead singer named Michael Hutchence. Along with being a sex symbol, Hutchence often lived the rock star, fast lane life. He was found dead in 1997, hanging from a closet rail with a belt around his neck.
While the investigation ruled his death a suicide, his then girlfriend Paula Yates (who also ended up killing herself) said it was not suicide, that he sometimes participated in autoerotic asphyxiation. It was believed because of the taboo nature of this act (and the supposed depravity it infers), that Hutchence's family wanted his death to be considered a rock 'n roll suicide.
Hutchence's death, preceded by a common theme in novels by William S. Burroughs, and a famous scene from the movie The Ruling Class with Peter O'Toole, have helped bring this phenomenon into the mainstream”

Strange Kinky Shizat
Well, I may be one kinky ass blogger, but this sexual fetish scares the shit out of me. A little S/M style choking is okay, but I really don’t like to be strangled much. I don’t care if it makes my orgasm more intense or not.

MMMMMM Talk Dirty to Me
Anyway, I’m going to leave you with a couple more kinky sex quizzes I enjoyed. Just cant get enough of those. I’m also going to add a kinky email I received from one of my favorite readers. Flattery will get you EVERYWHERE. Take care my blog loves, sorry I haven’t been to blogerish as of late. Too much to do in my whirlwind life…..
Thanks for reading.

Naturally, I loved the pictorial of your breasts. What man wouldn't? You won both the popular and electoral vote with my spermatadpolezoids; maybe I'll ogle the tit pic again while I send the little bastards down my veiny railgun to oblivion with a few hundred pumps. I was less enthralled with the pic of "Bitey" the He-Man Warrior. Or should I say *your* He-Man Warrior. To me, he looks like a goldfish in a shot glass. I remain further unimpressed because he's "competition" for your attention/affection in a contest that doesn't officially exist. Mind you, I'm not obsessed with you, nor am I am a stalker...but as long as I'm being glib, I hate all potential rivals, whom I'd have to kill in order to steal you away. I don't mind the killing, just the logistics involved. In case you're wondering...why yes, I'd clone you and have ball-draining intercourse nonstop with said clone; or I'd build what I call a 'fuckbot' that visually would be your twin, only obedient. However, for some reason that defies all logic (and politics) sooner than later I would feel the urge to have your sassyness and sex appeal programmed into the clone or 'bot. I wouldn't get laid as much but without the fem-fire, you'd be just another chickbot. I don't know why, but it's important to have your admiration more than other peoples and for my words to please you. I am baffled by this, even annoyed, but I'll let the illogic ride out its course.
Damn your seductive spell, witchy woman!

hey sexy thang,
im nekkid here now just for you.

Christ, I wish. But with genius comes despair; even your Dark Lord is aware demand for women of your caliber far exceeds supply.

Damn it all. Get some leg and ass pics up. There's not any part of you that isn't HAWT -- Avril Lavigne spelling

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