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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Star Wars Gangsta Rap - Repost... cuz its so damn good

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recent dark photo of me taken with my dangerous webcam

Well Hells bells... I do have many adventures and stories to write about. I keep telling my sordid life to "save the drama for the pages", but alas I am Vadergrrrl, so life just keeps getting more and more entertaining.

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more recent webcam photos

So I decided to repost one of my favorite posts from a year ago. Yes, Its Star Wars Gangsta Rap... whoooo hooooo.

Yes, I saw the new movie and YES i loved it. I knew it was going to be good when there was a decapitation scene in the first 10 minutes. With duel lightsabers no less. mmmmmm violence and death.... I love it. Remember, Im the same sick twisted bitch that gets all excited over the cop torture scene in Reservoir Dogs. lol.

The things I didnt like about the new star wars movie:

Darth vader on his knees screaming "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" in homage to a cartoon evil dooer. (cum on now vader is too dark and kewl to care about some bitch)

The sappy sad music that played during the jedi slaughter scene. I mean, I love John Williams and the death march song rules and all, couldnt he come up with something cooler in a slaughter scene. Like Metallica or something really dark and twisted. I dont want to hear sappy sad music during a slaughter scene. Give me death metal damnit!

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my jabba action figures

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more vader action + justin boy toy

Anyway... Enjoy all you VADER Haters... GRRRRRR

For all you Vader Haters… here is some funny ass schizzel… BIATCH!

Its not the east side, or the west side, its not the north side or the south side, IT’S THE DARK SIDE
To all you Vader Haters, we’ll blow up your planet!

From the
Reconstructing the Death Star,
With my slick ass suit
That’s as dark as tar
Fuckin you up no matter who you are

Star Wars Gangsta Rap
Check this link out for some funny ass shit!
This animated rap is from Thomas Lee, Bentframe Productions. Highlights include a hillbilly Uncle Owen, and a redneck wimpy ass Luke who drinks gin and tonic in his X-wing and calls Yoda a “playa hater”

Star Wars Gangsta Rap 2
This is even better than the first, just dirtier and nastier in a effigy to gangsta rap.

Highlights include
A weed smokin Yoda who says
“oh shit
Yoda on the scene
A 900 year being
Smokin Dagobah weed”

C3PO wearing a shirt that says
“straight looking’ rapping about being a “gay man’s dream”

Han telling Jabba the Hut off by rappin
you fat ass slug
with your fake ass chains
you’re a sorry ass thug”

And my favorite line coming from the smothe rouge scoundrel Lando C
Who says to Luke
“Your just jealous cuz my black dicks bigger!”

In the end Jar Jar bigs scores with Leiah wearing a Malcom X hat…. This is some funny ass shit.

This post is dedicated to my G-Homey Justin

(*Shit bitch, I needed some humor after my sorry ass crazy grrrl rant…. Thanks to all who offered their support…. And may the FARCE be with you)



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