"The mark of an immature man is that he would die knobly for a cause. The mark of a mature man is that he would live humbly for one" - Catcher in the Rye -WARNING WRITER SPELLING CHALLENGED! But Sometimes you have to say "what the fuck!"

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Craigs List Fun

Awww Geez Vader first night in months having access to a computer alone. What to do…. Double posts. I just discovered Craigslist while bored in Canby Oregon on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Up to mischief with my girlfriend, I decided to post an add. It read.

Horny MILF seeks boy toy to train

-Horny MILF seeks boy toy to train. I can make your wildest Dreams cum true!-

Not thinking much of it, and out of bored curiosity I posted the add and within seconds started getting colorful, and highly entertaining responses. Within 2 hours I received 250 responses, many included cock photos I could probably post on Demon Queen site. Lol. Though I didn’t go anywhere with the responses other than cheap unadulterated entertainment, it made me realize how fucking easy it is to get laid over the computer. (if I wanted to badly enough….. but I didn’t…. scouts honor)

So I thought I would share some of my favorite responses with you guys. Dayum some of the potential boy toys sure know how to write. The photos weren’t so bad either.


I am 29 and I have a fantasy . I am sitting at home , I get a knock at the door. I answer it and there standing before me is a women that I have never met . She walks in and we make our introductions, and before I know it she has pulled out my cock and is gently giving me a teasing blow job. Soon I firmly but not forcfully lay her down on the bed and lift the skirt that she has on, and to my surprise she is not wearing any panties. I began to gently eat her pussy and continue to do so far some time,just when she is about to cum , I stop bend her over and shove entire length of my cock inside of her. I then alternate shallow gentle stokes with deep hard penetrating ones. she then says that she wants to be on top , so I gracefully relinquish controal for a while while she rides me like I am a wild stallion. suddenly she jumps off of me and begins to once again suck my cock,after a few minutes , she stops gets on her hands and knees and demands that I fuck her ass now! I oblige slowly penetrating her until I bury all of my lengthinside of her tightness. I thrust in and out while reaching around and massaging her clit , because a womens pleasure is always important to me and the moans really get me off. I then pull my cock from her ass. she turns around and I stand up and pick her up she locks her legs around mine and she rides me standing up until I bring her to an earth shattering orgasm, she then shoves me down on the bed and rides my cock until I fill her with my own earth shattering orgasm. We both lay there in awe. we fall asleep . the next morning she leaves , but not without leaving me her number so that we can make another date for another earth moving moment.
If this sounds good drop me a line and lets talk about making it a reality.


Hi there, how are you doing?

Well, short, sweet, and to the point. I like that. I think that those are the qualities of a good trainer, not necessarily sexual encounters or experiences, but an attractive and sexy MILF who seeks to train her own boytoy needs to be direct, tough, and in control.

Please, be my trainer, teach me the way to please a sexy and wanting MILF like yourself. I am young, but not too young. I am fit and athletic. I am well endowed. I have lots of stamina from swimming and mt. biking. And, I am eager to learn to please you the way you so desire and deserve.

What more do you need? I would love to have you whip me into shape. Control me, demand what you will of me, mold me into your personal love slave with one intention in mind only: to please YOU!! Over and over again. Only one thing, if you were to make my wildest dream cum true, you must know my wildest dream. Curious? I hope so, I think you would like it.


I am 5'9" about 165 lbs. I am 28 yrs old. I have br hair and eyes. I am strong and athletic. I am intelligent, a student, and I have goals and dreams. I want to be yours, and be sexually for YOU only. Teach me the ways, train me right. You will be just as pleased as I because the best student is an eager student who loves his work. I'll attach two pics. In one, I'm on the left. In the other, its just me. If you like them and are interested, please email me back and we can go from there.

Looking forward to hearing from you,


i want a older women 21/m here


well im the boy you want to train!i am 5'11", 20, tan,
real good shape, pierced lip!! and fucking horny! i am
workin with 7 inches! and being very serious about all
me info!not messin with you i really need this!! get
back at me asap


Hi - I read your ad on craigslist and am very
interested. Would you be open to/excited about a MFM
threesome with me and my friend? We're both straight,
good-looking and athletic - and this would be all
about you.

We'd be safe, discreet, and respectful of your
boundaries while also taking great lengths (and girth)
to satisfy and enrapture you.

Interested? If so, send us some more details about
you (and maybe a picture) and we'll reciprocate. Hope
to hear from you soon!


Hey there,

Saw your posting on CL and thought that I'd drop you a line. I'm 25 yrs old,
5'10, 165 lbs with thick, dark hair, brown eyes and an athletic build
(well-mannered, clean-cut guy). Check out my pic. I have a better one, but
it usually doesn't go through CL e-mails because it's just over the 150k
size that's allowed. So here's a little something that I had in mind....

...imagine this...

...I enter your room......I drop to my knees.........I run my hands up your
your skirt up around your waist. I reach around and grab your tight little
ass, as I slowly kiss & lick my way up the inside of your thighs.....making
sure to take my time kissing those nice & sensual areas. You know the ones
talking about....just run your fingers up the inside of your thigh right
now....ohhh...yeahhhh...right there is where my tongue would
your juices as they started to drip down your leg...damn, you're sweet,
You'd bend your knees, wanting my tongue to lick your sweet pussy......I
squeeze your ass good and tights...you'd feel my tongue run from the base to
the tip of your yearning clit. THen I'd wrap my lips around your clit and
suck on it.....feeling your hips begin to
gyrate....that's it, baby! My tongue would then start to lick and flick
your clit....splitting your pussy lips with one lick and then flick at the
of your clit...sending a wave of pleasure throughout your entire body. Then
slide a finger inside your juicy pussy.....with my tongue still
finger would work it's way in and out....moving in groove with your
hips......mmm....you cum in my mouth.....I keep licking.....driving another
wave through your body as your have orgasm after orgasm....then I flip you
over...get you on your hands and knees and plunge this thick, hard cock deep
inside of you....think you can handle that?

Let me know if you'd be interested and we can talk a bit more. Send me your
pic if you're interested in talking some more. You won't be disappointed! :)
Talk to ya later.


so, i'm sure you've had 6,000 emails from all over
the west coast and i know 99% are nothing short of
scary. fortunately, that's not me. i'm sane, i love
to explore and yes, there's nothing better than a
sexy, little adventure.

i'm as naughty as you want to be and will follow the
rules you lay down, just let me know me the where and
the how that you're comfortable with and i'm happy to
play. i'm getting into portland for work tonight and
will be holed up downtown in a plush hotel allllll

i'm 26, 6', 170, slim build, white, respectful, very
sexual, very open minded, good looking, easy going and
a whiz between the sheets. like you, i am legitimate
and truly enjoy how exciting these situations can be.
no strings, no drama, just a cool time in which we
have fun.

attached is a pic so you can see what emailer 6,001
looks like. i hope you like what you see and if
you're interested drop me a note and we'll
start the ball rolling...


I need to know how to use all 9” of my tool. If you can help prep me for other women I would be delighted too


25 attractive athletic clean and fun
of course i had to block out my face in the pic but as you can see my girl and i like to have good times *( she asked if I would block out her face as well.. she is married to some politician and doesnt want to get caught. I guess i am just a piece of meat to these woman oh well when you got you got it) i have got this big thing in my pants and when i see a pretty woman it gets bigger but kinda hurts and i dont know what to do with it please help cause all these girls keep telling me i need to put it in their mouths is this true please help i am just a dumb stupid boy who needs to be taught
lets see a pic of you preverable a modest one if you know what i mean wink wink.

hello, im 24 and from vancouver. 7 inches, thick and shaved for your pleasure. Trade some more pics?


First off... I'm in Portland. You?

Second... I want you to use me any way you see fit.
Rough, slow, soft, hard, oral, you name it. You say
you could go on for hours? Sounds good to me.

Third... What do I want from you? You mentioned
"training." What kind of training can I get?

So what do you have in mind?
The thought of something hot, soft, moist, and wet has
definitely got my attention, and the thought of your
tongue and lips around me has me hard and ready to
give you something rough, slow, or soft, depending on
your mood...

It also has me thinking about pleasuring you while
being pleasured. While your lips are around me, would
you like my lips pressed against your moisture and
warmth while my tongue flickered back and forth upon
your most sensitive spot?

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Life is stranger than fiction

Traveling across the country I made the following observations…

The most beautiful red rock formations and bizarre weather patterns naturally occur in Colorado.

At night, Utah’s salt mines look like vast oceans.

Small towns in Oregon breed cute red neck boys. This is especially fun when hanging out with them along river beds while scantily clad.

There is no place like home.

Gamblers always find a card table.

True friends will ALWAYS support you.

When desperate for sex, put out an add on Craigslist.com. Even for a joke, you will be amused at your colorful responses. Lol

Washington state has the most beautiful mountains… and tallest, greenest trees.

Soldiers look damn good in a uniform.

Cowboys look good shirtless in old pick up trucks.

Your not really a rock star until you have been 86’d from a bar

Graveyards can be a lot of fun at sun down.

Always leave an impression…. Wherever you travel.

Always know when its time to disappear.

Remember always how to make an entrance.


PS When I was in LA I met this blogger and what a piece he was. YOWSA!


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