"The mark of an immature man is that he would die knobly for a cause. The mark of a mature man is that he would live humbly for one" - Catcher in the Rye -WARNING WRITER SPELLING CHALLENGED! But Sometimes you have to say "what the fuck!"

Monday, February 28, 2005

The First Kiss

You’ve Got Me Under Your Spell
Maybe its because my heart is cold, so I attach my self to sex, and loveless relationships. Ive been officially single and loving it for a year now, and I barely remember what it was like to begin again… and to fall for someone. I forgot the feeling in your chest, the butterflies, that take over your body uncontrollably, when your cast under that spell. Ive lived my relationships of late in terms of lust, fucking, and sexual ratings. I forgot what it feels like to fall for someone.

That Sacred Kiss
The first kiss for me usually becomes the first fuck in a matter of seconds. This takes so much meaning fro the first kiss. The ackward head turn, the long hug, and oh yes… the first, long, wet, and drawn out kiss. The kiss you end, after feeling wrapped in passion, only to fondly reminisce and plan the next. The power of the first kiss, that leads to anticipation and wait. I had forgotten about this. There is nothing more special than the first kiss… so romantic… so suspenseful, so sacred.

More Vader Interrupted Tales to Cum
I would write more about my adventure at the ER, and in an ambulance, but its pretty fresh right now and Im still angry about it. I want to write about it, when Im not so mad about the experience. I proimise it is a sick and twisted sitcom tale, that doesn’t involve me being hurt in any way. I can now laugh about it, but it was pretty painful at the time. Maybe my next post. Until then, think about your first kiss, in your relationship, in your life… and what magic these kisses entail.


PS My brother is gone and in Kuwait.

Cure - Siamese Twins Lyrics
I chose an eternity of this
Like falling angels
The world disappeared
Laughing into the fire
Is it always like this?
Flesh and blood and the first kiss
The first colours
The first kiss

We writhed under a red light
Voodoo smile
Siamese twins
A girl at the window looks at me for an hour
Then everything falls apart
Broken inside me
It falls apart

The walls and the ceiling move in time
Push a blade into my hands
Slowly up the stairs
And into the room
Is it always like this?

Dancing in my pocket
Worms eat my skin
She glows and grows
With arms outstretched
Her legs around me...

In the morning I cried

Leave me to die
You won't remember my voice
I walked away and grew old
You never talk
We never smile
I scream
You're nothing
I don't need you any more
You're nothing

It fades and spins
Fades and spins...

Sing out loud
We all die!!!
Laughing into the fire...

Is it always like this?


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