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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Honor Our Heroes

Repost from 9/13/04

I haven’t been able to post since Saturday 9/11. This anniversary haunts so fresh in the American psyche, in my psyche, that I find it hard to re-live. I applaud all the bloggers who took the time to post tributes. For me personally, I hoped silence would speak louder than words.


Out of the ashes and despair of Sept 11, 2001 came many heroes that fill my heart with pride, hope and life. These heroes make me so proud to be an American.

Many of these heroes were shocked and influenced by 9/11 as they sat and watched it on TV. From this tragedy they took courageous inspiration and decided to do something about it. Not since WWII have Americans flocked to enlist in the armed services. So many, took the events of September 11 as impetus to join the service. I thank and applaud these soldiers, and all of our armed forces, for the work they do, and the sacrifices they make, to ensure our freedom.

We remember Pfc. Brandon Titus as one such hero.
-excerpt cut and pasted by vadergrrrl from cnn article off web

Brandon grew up with his divorced father from age 13 amid a legacy of military service, a family tradition for many generations. "He was a proud man that spoke highly of his father Tom, a veteran himself. Brandon just wanted to live up to the Titus name," Spc. Dave Huval, a member of Titus' squad, wrote in a message from Iraq posted to an Internet tribute page.

“Before going off to war, Brandon left a computer disk with a message entitled, "My Time has Come," to be read only if he did not return from Iraq. Tom Titus broke down in tears when he read it aloud.

"I learned a lot from my dad and I wanted to be like him. I wanted to do something that would truly make him proud of me," he said in that message. In many ways, Titus was a typical American kid, a football player and high school wrestler who shared his dad's passion for motorcycles. Resident of a strongly Republican state, he felt the need to give back to his country.

"When I was in high school I was against any type of war or occupation of another country and I was ignorant to think the United States government was a bunch of B.S," Brandon Titus wrote.

"When Sept. 11 happened, my opinion of this country changed very quickly. ... Things hit home when I watched a plane filled with innocent people crash into a building killing them all because of some coward terrorists who live in caves who thought they could divide America by doing this."

Tom Titus experienced the shock of watching his best friend die in his arms during the Vietnam War in 1971. On Monday (Aug 30th), the ex-Army Ranger felt the even greater horror of burying his only son Brandon, 20, killed on August 17 by an explosion while patrolling a Baghdad slum.

Tom Titus barely made it out of Vietnam alive after being wounded twice. In a 1971 incident, a mortar round in the jungle left the decorated soldier without sight in one eye. It took six months in a hospital to reconstruct his face.

Many of his "brothers in arms" wore leather biker jackets to Monday's funeral and more than 100 motorcycles rode in the procession.

"You wanted me to be proud of you," an emotional Tom Titus, wearing his medals on his vest, said in his eulogy. "I just want to say to my child that this is the proudest dad in the whole world."
–Excerpt from CNN

Fallen Heroes Memorial Board

Thanks, love and PRAISE to all the American Heroes


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WOW! Thanks so much for such an emotional and inspiring post! It really makes your heart ache, but you're right, we should be proud of each and every one of them!

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