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Monday, July 19, 2004

Weekend Follies and partying in Seattle

Blog Drama
I first want to dedicate this post to my friend Jay.  I have learned a lot from him and I grow to love/hate him more and more everyday. 
Out of it today
I woke up today with swollen tonsils, and I feel rather blah.  Im overwhelmed here at work, so much to do, not sure which project to complete first.  I wont have time to blog today, but I will do a short post.
Bright Lights Big City
Needing a respite from my hometown, and my own drama, I decided to spend the night in Seattle on Saturday.  Seattle is a 60-minute ferry ride from my hometown.  I don’t go out to Seattle much, though I probably should.  My sister/best grrrl friend, It Grrrl, lives in Seattle, right downtown, about a few blocks from the Pike Place Market.  It Grrrl is single, never married and works as a bar tender for a hot spot bar in Seattle.  She also is going to school to be a yoga teacher and she is a painter (artist).  She always knows the cool shows and events happenings in Seattle.
As soon as I get off the ferry and start walking in downtown Seattle I start to notice the homeless, something I don’t see in my hometown.  I see two gutter punk kids playing chess with a homeless and hungry sign.  I see a woman sleeping next to a shopping cart, I see a shabbily dressed man peeing on the street.   As a sensitive Pisces, I’m always bothered by societal issues  such as homelessness.  It’s hard for me to tune it out.  When I was going to Berkeley, I was very burned out by this social issue.  Berkeley has one of the worst problems with homeless people I have ever seen.  Everyday I would walk down Telegraph Ave in Berkeley to get to class, and I would have to pass the endless lines of homeless.  California has aggressive pan handling laws, which mean, its legal for homeless to harass you.  On a typical day I would be walking to class, and some really soiled guy with no teeth would come up in my face and say “do you have any money?” and I would say no, and he would say “come on Im hungry, well fuck you then”.  You could not go anywhere without being harassed for money, and even sexually harassed.  There was also the teenage gutter punks who would harass you walking down the street, act generally like idiots, and then you would see them later that night drunk at the punk rock show.  I vividly remember one guy that disturbed me the most, he had fitlhy and fesces soiled pants, half a beard, shaved head spots from ringworm, etc,  and he would eat out of the trash cans on the Berkeley campus.  This would always gross me out, and I would be sitting down eating and he would walk right up to the trashcan, and eat.  I thought this was his plan, because immediately after he did that, I would loose my appetite and put the rest of my food in the trash.  I don’t mean to sound heartless, but I really was burned out of this by the time I graduated from Berkeley.  Living in Bremerton the last 4 years, I just do see homelessness like I used to.  This was the first thing I noticed about being in the City.
The Band and the $12 drink
It Grrrl and I went to a nightclub to watch some music.  It Grrrl says, “its one of my favorite bands you will like it”.  First of all, you pay $15 at the door to get in, then my jaw about hit the fucking floor when it cost me $12 for a double tall vodka redbull.  $12 for one drink….. I must be a hick from the sticks, but I still cant get over the price of one drink.  The bar is full of Seattle types, hipsters, girls with stringy hair and glasses, guys with hip cat struts and upscale clothes and shoes.  “The band” turns out to be some guy spinning records.  Maybe Im just an old time rock n roll grrrl, but to me a band consists of a drummer, bassist, guitarist and typically a singer.  I never realized a band could also be some dj spinning records and making up songs.  I guess Im just not hip with the times here.  The music was okay, I danced and had fun.
Party Favors
Another interesting thing about city life is the popularity of nose candy.  Everyone does it, and many sell it to support their habit and make some cash on the side.  Nose candy and club life seem to go hand in hand.  This really isn’t my scene, and I really feel like a small town grrrl because Im just not hip with that.  It kinda reminds me of the movie with Michael J. Fox, bright lights big city.
Happy Homecoming
I come home after a great night in Seattle the next afternoon.  After I get home, I decide to hang out with some of my townie friends for one drink.  Boy this was a mistake.  I get to the bar and they are all drunk and obnoxious.  Im sitting there, trying to spend time with my friend Rozie the Rivetor, and her company starts insulting all my friends.  In small towns everyone gossips, everyone talks shit, no one has anything nice to say about anyone behind their back.  I find this very depressing; I don’t understand why people have to be such backstabbing, jealous and ruthless.  This made me sad.  
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