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Monday, July 12, 2004

oh shit! Yoda on the scene A 900 year being Smokin Dagobah weed! Star Wars Gangsta Rap!

For all you Vader Haters… here is some funny ass schizzel… BIATCH!

Its not the east side, or the west side, its not the north side or the south side, IT’S THE DARK SIDE
To all you Vader Haters, we’ll blow up your planet!

From the
Reconstructing the Death Star,
With my slick ass suit
That’s as dark as tar
Fuckin you up no matter who you are

Star Wars Gangsta Rap
Check this link out for some funny ass shit!
This animated rap is from Thomas Lee, Bentframe Productions. Highlights include a hillbilly Uncle Owen, and a redneck wimpy ass Luke who drinks gin and tonic in his X-wing and calls Yoda a “playa hater”

Star Wars Gangsta Rap 2
This is even better than the first, just dirtier and nastier in a effigy to gangsta rap.

Highlights include
A weed smokin Yoda who says
“oh shit
Yoda on the scene
A 900 year being
Smokin Dagobah weed”

C3PO wearing a shirt that says
“straight looking’ rapping about being a “gay man’s dream”

Han telling Jabba the Hut off by rappin
you fat ass slug
with your fake ass chains
you’re a sorry ass thug”

And my favorite line coming from the smothe rouge scoundrel Lando C
Who says to Luke
“Your just jealous cuz my black dicks bigger!”

In the end Jar Jar bigs scores with Leiah wearing a Malcom X hat…. This is some funny ass shit.

This post is dedicated to my G-Homey Justin

(*Shit bitch, I needed some humor after my sorry ass crazy grrrl rant…. Thanks to all who offered their support…. And may the FARCE be with you)


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