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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

I put your face in it, I know you sprung off in your tongue, I know you tastin it -Sexy Tomatoes

Okay, so Im feeling frisky again...so watch out!
As such some rad grrrls and I started a female collective blog “Sexy Tomatoes”. Debra describes it “Sexy & informative, easy and fun reading for all. Basically a little crazy and some personal stuff is reading along the line of what might be found is classic erotic literature, but not smut”.

Here is our group of sexperts....
Kitten Kat Charise The Tease

Here is our intent
Vadergrrrl & I are working on building up a collective of thoughts, ideas, and info about sexual liberation and female sexuality, what the hope of this is to not only share information with others, but to make it interesting as well... which means while we're not looking to see smut, we are looking for sexy talk to spice up the facts and stories that will be shared.

At Sexy Tomatoes! Grrrls kick ass and we're going to prove it!

So, while Im busy writing my first post for Sexy Tomatoes on the joys of female orgasm, I will leave you with this tantalizing piece, submitted to me via email. I didn’t write this, it was sent to me by another blogger…. Im not sure if he wants credit or not, so I will let him decide in the comments….

How to please your man with Oral Sex
Lesson 1 -- The Basics
The most important thing about sucking a man's cock (or anything else sexual, in my opinion) is to be totally into it. You have to convince him that you absolutely adore what you're doing,
can't get enough of it, would die without it. Be dirty, filthy, a slut, a whore (but a high class, expensive one, of course, willing to give it to him for free, just this once). After all, most guys' ideas about
sex were formed by watching porn movies -- you may want to check a few out to get the hang of what men fantasize about. But the main thing is, make love to his cock, worship it...don't act like you're just
trying to get it over with. You have to get inside his head, fuck his brain while your sucking his cock. Look up at him a lot, whenever you can, with your best "fuck me" look (c'mon girls, you know how
to do that!). Tell him with your eyes how hot this makes you, and how much you're enjoying it.
Lesson 2 -- Foreplay
You really want to take your time with this part...a nice, slow build-up will pay big dividends later. Look at him and ever so slowly circle your lips with your tongue. Then take a nice long trip around his
body with your mouth, your tongue, your hands, your breasts...play with his nipples, his bellybutton, his inner thighs, his fingers, his toes, anything and everything. I particularly like licking and sucking on a
middle finger, very suggestively, eyes locked on his. Move your mouth to his ear, breathe hotly, lash your tongue around inside....and then whisper something slow and shocking, like "I'm gonna suck you
off....". When you finally arrive between his legs, stay away from his cock at first. Concentrate first on his balls, licking them, sucking them gently into your mouth, getting them nice and wet. When you're
ready, begin tracing up and down the shaft with your tongue, or nibble on it with your lips. Flick your tongue against it quickly for a change of pace...there's a niiiiiice sensitive spot just below the head,
on the underside. Sometimes he'll get a little droplet of pre-cum on the tip of his cock...it's fun to play with it, touching it with your tongue and pulling away. Maybe a little silvery strand of it will come away
with your tongue. Nibble for awhile on the head with your lips before you suck him into your mouth....circle it lazily with your tongue. Some men think it's sexy if you kind of slap it wetly against your outstretched tongue, or you can rub it around on your face. You might also slide
his dick between your breasts, moving up and down on it, pressing them together with your hands.
Lesson 3 -- Wetness
Never forget, everything should be wet, wet, wet!! Saliva everywhere! His cock should be dripping and glistening with moisture. Your mouth and lips and cheeks and hair should be wet. I think it's sexy sometimes to let saliva drip down from your mouth onto the head of his cock, and then stroke it with your hand, or just slurp it back into your mouth. If you're really feeling nasty, you can even spit on it and then attack it with your mouth, sucking him quick and hard...this is fun sometimes and helps get across the impression that you're being driven absolutely insane with lust, in grave danger of losing control, rushing out the door, and offering to fuck every male on the planet!
Lesson 4 -- No Teeth!
In my experience, most guys don't like teeth marks on their prized possessions. Maybe a playful little nibble now and then, but mostly, I think your mouth should feel like a nice, tight, wet pussy, only better
(after all, your vagina doesn't have a tongue in it and can't suck on him as nicely as your mouth can). So open your mouth wide and purse your lips around him...guys love the sight of your lips
pressed around him and you cheeks hollowing as his hard cock slides in and out of your mouth, your tongue teasing him on each stroke. Look up at him and treat him to the sight of his massive,
throbbing cock buried in your face, your lips stretched tightly around it.
Lesson 5 -- Rhythm
Another key, once you really get down to business, is to establish a nice, steady rhythm, in and out, in and out, in and out....Not too fast, take your time, but set a pace and stick to it. Let him know that you
don't care how long it takes....you'd love to suck his cock until hell freezes. After awhile you can gradually accelerate. Make nice, wet slurping noises as you suck him. By the way, you don't have to take
him too deep at first, but most guys seem to like it so you might want to practice a little. Personally, I don't mind letting him nudge the back of my throat a little. Moving your fingers and/or fingernails on the
shaft in rhythm with your sucking is also nice if your mouth is too small to take him deeply. This is one time when smaller cocks have they're advantages!
Lesson 6 -- Tease!!
Don't you dare let him cum too soon! You have to TEASE!! If you think he's getting close (most guys are dead giveaways -- they're thighs tremble), ease off, take him out of your mouth, and
flick your tongue against the head of his cock, looking up and smiling teasingly....or you can nibble on the shaft, tickle or suck on his balls, almost anything. This will give your jaw muscles time to relax,
in case you were wondering. This is also another good time to take him between your breasts...or you can rub the head of his cock against your nipples (mine are always as hard as pebbles at this
point!) When he calms down a bit, you can pick up where you left off. Make a game out of it....se if you can get him to a fever pitch, just on the brink of cumming, and keep him there as long as you can,
ready to explode like a geyser! But above all, stay in control. Don't let him grab your head and start fucking your mouth (that's the subject of an advanced lesson!) Let him know that you're in
charge, that you won't disappoint him, and that his reward is coming, so to speak. You can taunt him with your voice, too....ask him if he wants to cum, or if he likes what you're doing to him. Or just give him little moans and gasps now and then, to make him think you're about to cum yourself just from sucking him off (I almost did once, I swear!).
Lesson 7 -- Don't Forget the Nether Region
Some guys will deny this, but most males love to have a girl play around with their butts. During foreplay, if you're the adventurous type and he's squeaky clean, you can lick around his asshole or even stiffen your tongue and do a little gentle (or not so gentle) probing. When you suck on his cock, a wet finger easing into his ass can work wonders...but you may want to save this for the....uh....moment of truth. Some guys go right over the edge just from the thought that the girl he always thought was so sweet and innocent could be so incredibly nasty!
Lesson 8 -- The Grand Finale
Once you've teased him until he's literally begging for mercy, it's time for the main event! I like to release him at this point, look into his eyes adoringly, and whisper in no uncertain terms exactly what I'm about to do. Tell him something like "I want you to cum", or "I want to taste you"....accentuate every syllable. Or ask him if he'd like to cum in your mouth, or all over your face, or wherever. Don't mince words. Now, you can be aggressive...plunge your mouth down on him, suck him hard and fast...use your hands, your fingers, squeeze his balls, tease is asshole, or slide that finger into him....in short, pull out all the stops. He's utterly helpless, he can't stop you, all he can do is let it happen. And don't be afraid....this is the best part, that feeling at the moment his balls tighten up, filled with hot cum, and his cock lurches and expands suddenly in your mouth, and his whole body is taut like a bowstring! I always hear a drum roll in my head at this point.
Lesson 9 -- The Truth about Cum
I have never met a man who wasn't convinced that his cum was a combination of honey, facial cream, and the nectar of the gods. You must think of it the same way. You crave it, must have it, will kill for
it, the more the merrier! You want to drown in it, play in it, let it cover you, all hot, creamy and sexy. As for the taste, it really doesn't taste like much...kind of salty, maybe, but not offensive. No matter....as far
as he knows, you think it's absolutely heavenly!
He may want to cum in your mouth, and that's OK (I'm assuming, by the way, that this guy is certifiably disease free...if he's not, you should never have gotten this far!). But most guys seem to get off on
watching it spurt out on your face, on your tongue, in your hair, on your breasts, etc., etc. Soooo, give him what he wants, with a look of rapture on your sweet lips as his cum splashes on you, oozes down
your chin, drips down onto your nipple. Grip his cock with one hand and stroke him rhthmically as he cums, unless he's already doing this himself (which is kinda sexy to watch). Some guys cum in big,
thick, strong spurts (especially if you followed these instructions to the letter!), while in other cases, it might just kind of ooze out. The more he cums, the prouder he'll be of himself, so be appropriately
awestruck at his monster load of love juice. Let your tongue play in it, swirl it around, collect it with your fingers, suck gobs of it into your mouth and then let it ooze out between your lips while you gaze up
at him. You can swallow it if you want (after playing with it awhile) but you don't have to....just don't spit it out like it was disgusting or something.
Lesson 10 -- The Aftermath
As his orgasm subsides, you can suck him back into your mouth, but be gentle....he may be a bit sensitive at this point. Otherwise, content yourself with licking up any little traces of cum, or just lazily
run your tongue up and down the shaft, or suck on his balls...take your time, don't be in a hurry. Leave his cum on your face, maybe running your tongue around your lips, licking at it or rubbing it with a
finger. If he's half a man, he'll yank you up to him and shower you with kisses and tell you what a goddess you are. Just smile like the Mona Lisa and ask him innocently if he liked it. And be sure to tell
him how much you love the taste of his cum.
At this point, he should be ready to reciprocate, and if he's not, you should seriously consider throwing him out on his lazy, selfish butt! Trust me, if you do this right, he will be your slave, and all of his
friends will be waiting in line for their turn!

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