"The mark of an immature man is that he would die knobly for a cause. The mark of a mature man is that he would live humbly for one" - Catcher in the Rye -WARNING WRITER SPELLING CHALLENGED! But Sometimes you have to say "what the fuck!"

Monday, June 14, 2004

Join the Dark Side…..

Maybe Im just a freak, but what is my fascination with the dark side? Besides adoring the (non) color black, I have always been attracted to the dark characters. Darth Vader being a prime example, as his Empires March gives me chills and his quotes serve as wisdom in my life. “Luke, I am your father, join me and we can travel the universe as father and son” or “The circle is now complete, when I last saw you I was but the learner… Now I am the MASTER!” Luke Skywalker was much too wimpy for me, I mean I really could not stand him, always whining and complaining. No I liked the bad boys, Darth Vader, Boba Fett, and that bad ass drug smuggling wise guy Han Solo (part bad guy/good guy). I was devastated when Darth Maul was killed off so early in the first Star Wars, I mean, my God he was the coolest character.

Being a collector, I take pride in my collection of Star Wars bounty hunters, wicked X-men characters (such as Magneto) and the McFarlane Toys Movie Monsters (Jason, Leatherface, Freddy Kruger, Michael Meyers, Scream, Normon Bates, etc). My Spawn figures also litter the house in their reverence to gothic darkness. These villainous characters shrine my apartment like a wicked homage to the dark side.

In addition to this, I have a black cat, I love dark poetry, I cant stand feel-good movies or melodrama and prefer to watch either horror or action adventures. My favorite character in the Harry Potter movies is Malfoy (however he’s too evil in the books). The villains always excite me; Rudger Hower is Awesome in Blade Runner, Magneto is my favorite X-men, Cigarette Smoking Man was the coolest on X-files, Kahn was the best in Star Trek wrath of Kahn, Rob from Survivor’s All-star was my hero, and who couldn’t love Dr. Zeus on Planet of the Apes?

Im just a sucker for bad boys, I guess this being my weakness. I knew I had really lost it when I started having a crush on some of the characters of HBO’s OZ (Jaz Hoyt, Ryan O’Reily). My original bad boy crush was Matt Dillion and all his 80’s SE Hinton characters. I am entrigued by Tupak Shakur and Biggie Smalls, I enjoy Howard Stern and Tom Lykus. Its not that I agree with everything these bad boyz preach, its that I can find humor even in their most sexist remarks.

Jessica Rabbit once said “Im not bad… I was just drawn that way!” This is a quote I seem to live by. I like Frenchie in Greese, and find Sandra D to prissy. I only appreciated the talent of Burt Reynolds when he plays some slimeball like in Boogie Nights. Sometimes I only like a character when they become tempted by the dark side, or their troubled side. I like Fox Mulder better when he is spotted walking out of X-rated theaters or caught watching porn. Frank Black from Millennium was only likable once he started waging his internal battle. Luke Skywalker finally got some balls by being tempted by the dark side. Wolverine is definitely coolest when he is raging, and Cat Woman is a sexy bad ass chick who you secretly hope will kick Batman’s ass.

Is it cool to be bad? Do nice guy’s really finish last? I cant say the answer to these questions. At least in my fictional movie starstruck eyes, its good to be bad, and BORING to be good. Make any sense?
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jp said...

Yes, I can see where the bad boy thing would be appealing. It's the excitement, the fear of the unknown, the rush of the danger. Just remember that most bad boys end up disappointing those around them (flaking out), in a boatload of trouble or dead. There's something to be said for being reliable, practical and nice.

Vadergrrrl said...

Thanks JP.
I totally agree with you. I think its just a bad boy fetish, especially in film. In real life, I have had my share of bad boys, and they have been real losers. However, everyone has a little naughty, bad boy in them, even the most reliable, trustworthy, good guy. (We can all talk dirty when we need to LOL)

jp said...

I didn't mean to suggest that I'm reliable, practical OR nice. :o)

The Dave said...

I'm bad, not bad meaning bad but bad meaning good... thankyou run dmc. Michelle Pfeiffer graduated to a new level of coolness/hotness/(insert additonal adjective ness here) with that role. I don't know any hot people that are boring, unless they're drawn that way.


Jack said...

See, this is why Jack ain't getting laid. The whole bad boy fantasy thing. Fonzie screwed it up for all of us. BTW, I changed my blogsite's URL. jackstexasmusic.blogspot.com. I'm shameless.

Pup said...

"everyone has a little naughty, bad boy in them, even the most reliable, trustworthy, good guy. (We can all talk dirty when we need to LOL)"

This is such a great point. I used to have the same thing with being attracted to the naughty "bad" girls cause I thought they were the only ones willing to do more of the "creative" things. Oh how wrong I was. I found out that "nice" girls are interested in doing all the nasty stuff every bit as the "bad" girls, and they're still great in all the other aspects. Of course there's a difference between "nice" and "prude". Can't stress that enough.

Villians are cool, but I think Anti-heros are the best. They're not usually good or evil, just bad MF whooping ass.

Great blog!! Keep up the good work!

CountChocula said...

Damn, you really are my brotha from anotha motha, well...'cept that you're a girl. I completely hear ya on the black fascination. My closet is like a sensory deprivation chamber and the first three things on my man-shopping list are "dark eyes, dark hair, dark side". I have also had two black cats and I tried to dye my hair black once, but the Norwegian gene in me wouldn't allow it to last more than a few days, pity :(. Cursed to be Betty forever, always envying Veronica. ;)

Michael said...

Vadergrrrl, you're so bad. You make me do bad things. Like wanna cut people off in traffic and drink the last of the milk and put the empty carton back in the fridge. Wait I already do those things. Yeah, I'm bad to the bone, baby. Seriously, I had an ex-girlfriend tell me, "You think you're a nice guy, but you're not. Not at all." Best compliment I ever received. This was a great post. You're one cool twisted chick.

AJ said...

Ohmigod, I am gonna wear you out grrrfriend! *LOL*

But first of all let me say that I am impressed anytime I can find a knowledgable, conversant female scifi fan, because you are a rare breed. I love every one of the programs and movies you listed, but I'm on the opposite of the aisle with you on who I admire. I can appreciate "the dark side" if its in a movie. I absolutely hate it in real life.

I think that macho posturing is the cause of 90% of the problems in the world today. It's absolutely bogus. But I won't dwell on that now — I'm gonna have a lot to say about at some future time on my blog because it's one of my core RANT issues.

But where I'm gonna blow up on you a bit here is on our ol' buddy Tom Leykis. I've known "Badboy" Tom for a long time — long before he became syndicated.

Tom Leykis is a ratings WHORE. I truly believe that if he thought that he could get away with it, he would behead baby kittens live on the air to see what kind of ratings he'd get. When he had "just" a local afternoon show on KFI in L.A. back in the late 80s, he was no "bad boy" — he was freakin Casper Milktoast. There were no wildly controversial topics, and certainly no "Show-Us-Your-Headlights Fridays."

To me he's worse than Howard Stearn, because he's not even original. Howie baby did the same thing — he invented the "shock jock" — but at least he was the first one to do it. Leykis just followed in Stearns' tracks. Sorry, I have no respect whatsoever for that guy. He's a fraud.

So there! :)

Seriously though, understand that I'm busting on you all in fun. I respect your opinions and you are more than welcome to 'em. But hopefully I'll eventually convince you that "nice' guys are okay too...


Jay said...

Holyshit. I've got a hard on.

Vadergrrrl said...

JP - anyone who has to wear a big cup at co-ed softball to hide his happiness... is definately a bad boy! LOL

The Dave - too bad Michael Jackson never reached a level of "badness" with his song. RunDMC, all black clothes, adidas... original bad boyz! Love em!

Jack - Fonzie was a pussy. Potsy was the dreamboat. LOL
Ive read your blog, your definately a nasty bad boy cop yourself. Especially in uniform with a loaded gun! (Nothin like answerin the door nekid with a loaded gun and a hard on) Someone told me that saying once. LOL

Pup - I agree. Big difference between nice and prude. What is the old saying Angel in the kitchen and devil in the bedroom? Something like that. Some girls act nice, but its an act. Some girls act bad, but its an act. Being a dirty, bad, grrrl can be BAD, but it can be good too....

Countchocula - Mad love to ya grrrl. Your my sistah soulmate.

Michael - I think you need a spanky. Bad Boy! Ruf!

AJ - thanks for the SciFi props, yep Im a fan, even if I cant spell worth shit. Yes macho posturing is bad, look at OJ Simpson. Wish society wasnt like that, and damn what is wrong with me for being attracted to that BS??? Tom Leykis is a big, fat, jerk, poser, and all that. Thank you I agree. But for some reason, he is like a train wreck, I cant stop listening, and I find myself even turned on at times. Houston we have a problem. Im Disturbed Damn it! "Down with the Sickness"

Jay - we have already discussed your hard on and its impact on your porno post (on your blog). I still Luv ya! xoxoxoxoxoxo

Just to let ya'll know, I DO like Nice Guys. Like Tony Soprano.... oh thats a wize guy. Im trying to think of a popular culture reference and my mind is drawing a blank. Ben Afleck... YUCK! I know, I LOVED DAWSON from DAWSON's Creek (well only when he played the pervert in Rules of Attraction). hmmmm lessee here... there has to be one good I lust for... just cant think of one.... (I am really trying here!) Damn it!

bob said...

Right on, Pup: Antiheroes rock. Give me Elric over Darth Vader any day. No offence.

Greg said...

" I say cool as a rule, but sometimes, Bad is bad!"
-- Huey Lewis and The News

"Money Goooooooood...Napster Baaaaaaaaaaaadddddd!
--Parody of Lars Ulrich from Metallica

VADERGRRRL is Bad!!!! I will be reading her more often!
-- Greg of CTRL ALT DEL at http://gregster.blogspot.com

David said...

Serial killers are bad. Relgious fundamentalists are bad. Talk shows are bad. American Idol is bad. Fruitcake is bad. Pedophiles are bad. Cancer is bad.

All this other shit is pretty tame.
See, this list is composed of things you can't change. No matter what, fruitcake makes a better doorstop than a dinner. I think the word best subtituted for 'bad' in this instance is maybe .... challenge? Someone we can morally, physically and mentally engage, debate, barter and converse with, and we don't ALWAYS come out on top.

I don't think I'd like arguing with Darth Vader. No one would win or lose, the conversation would always gravitate back to his issues. That is, if he talked at all. He'd probably just clam up and wave his traffic director light at me. You want me to park where?!?

While I'm participating in such a mental exercise, here's another thought. What did stormtroopers smell like? McDonalds toys? Vinyl? Maybe burning plastic?

Varla said...

No my dear, you're not a freak - well wait, you might be a freak, and that's not a bad thing - bad boys are hot. But bad boys with jobs and some smarts are even hotter. Bad boys who can be tender and take care of you when necessary are really hot...bad boys being sensitive - perfect balance...
Great post - I am totally with ya....

Dave said...

I'm not a 'bad boy' and it's no coincidence that I am, admittedly, boring. Hmmmm, I think you've got a point there vader.... Although, I'm not sure whether my ex-girlfriend would put me in the "nice guy" or "complete bastard" category.... :) keep up the good work.

Oz said...

Your post kind of reminds me of the dicotomy between Kevin Costner and Alan Rickman in *Robin Hood.* Rickmas was so bad, he was absolutely fucking hilarious. I heard that they actually had to cut out a bunch of his scenes because the test audiences liked him so much more than Kevin Costner, and after all, the movie wasn't called, *The Sheriff of Nottingham.*

steve said...

hey, thanks for the comment!!..
yea, i try my best to do what I can for her..and the fact of living 5 hours apart only makes it more special, since i cant see her each day.

pin said...

You're not a freak.. I got a taste of the dark side literally in the dark this past weekend... not a bad side. Just dark.

I read your post on tweakers too. The only thing I disagree with is the Dire Straits. If tweakers are listening to them.. they are ruining an excellent band for the rest of us.

Jay said...

Vader - You. Me. A shower curtain. And a bottle of baby oil. Right now.

Lonelyheart said...

Interesting blog. I've always been one that was fascinated by the bad guys as well. They're just so damn cool. I liked Darth Vader also. In the untouchables movie I was wanting Al Capone to come out on top even though I knew it wasn't going to be that way. I know what you mean. I think I'm going to link you from my blog as soon as I can figure out how to.

Justin said...

"Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid."

Cootera said...

The ultimate bad boy, in my opinion, = Gary Oldman. Pick just about anything... "Dracula", "The Professional" (love love love him in that!), even as that jerkoff, Beethoven. I wanna fuck Gary Oldman. The man is so ugly he's beautiful sexxxy!

pauliemac said...

Just one question? Darth Vader was not killed until the 3rd movie, "Return of the Jedi", correct?


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