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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

If your reading my blog, that means I WANT YOU

My male friend told me recently that he got in some trouble for reading my blog. According to his wife, by him reading my rantings it was “unhealthy” and a sure sign that I “wanted” him. Well gee, this is news to me, since I have been hoping to expand my readership and I guess this would make me one horney ass chick. Now the question…. Do I want everyone who reads or visits my site? I admit to being an attention whore, but as to being a plain whore, I at least hope not. So just to make it clear to any wives, girlfriends, boyfriends, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, pets, etc, who happen to suspect that my site is some ploy to get sex….. That Aint it! A big PLEASE… with the palm of my hand in air.

Broke as a bad joke
I always said I would give up being punk rock when I got money (this was in my twenties). Never thought I would still be punk rock in my thirties (sigh). Im so tired of having to count change, borrow from Peter to pay Paul, max out credit cards, write checks hoping the wont clear til payday. My ex husband owes me child support, but I cant seem to get a hold of the guy. He has been good about it lately (well since Alameda County DA threatened him with 30plus days in an Oakland jail), but Im always stressed while waiting to hear back from him. Wish I didn’t need the money so bad, but dammit these teenagers are expensive, always needing money for this or that. Im just really pissy because Im broke today.
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jp said...

You DON'T want everyone that reads this page? That's sooooo it. I'm not reading it anymore. :o)

Jack said...

Me either. I just showed up to get laid. Where's my coat? I'm outta here.

Vadergrrrl said...

Okay boyz.... You caught me! Yes, oooooh yes, I do WANT YOU ALL!

---this is followed by a maniacal laugh


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