"The mark of an immature man is that he would die knobly for a cause. The mark of a mature man is that he would live humbly for one" - Catcher in the Rye -WARNING WRITER SPELLING CHALLENGED! But Sometimes you have to say "what the fuck!"

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Some silly poems...


Rainy Day

I do not want to work today
Oh no, oh no, I want to play
I wish I didn’t need the pay
So I could go and sleep all day
Work, Work, go away
Come again another Day
This is what I want to say
I do not want to work today!

Ode to a Navy Town

The higher the hair the closer to God
Mullets mix with razor short cuts
Smokey bars, couples dancing close
Wedding bands meaningless
“Hey Sailor Boy, Come Buy Me a Drink”
and maybe I will take you home
Dignity, who needs it here
Disposable flesh,
Feelings tucked away
Another ship to dock at Bay


Pop another pill
So my world blurs away
I don’t want to get up
My body feels too heavy
My mind so tired
Please let me sleep

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