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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Im feeling pissy today....


What a Morning

I didn’t want to wake up this morning as usual, hit the snooze button too many times. Today was also a bad hair day, its raining outside, and everything felt blah. I should have planned my outfit last night, instead of scrambling through clothes this morning. I didn’t want to wear the same tired ol corduroys with the velvety shirt so I decided to try on some dresses I haven’t worn in a year or so. Big mistake. The first dress I barely got over my shoulders, it was now way too tight (a size 10), the next dress (a size 11) I was able to get on, but the arms were so tight I felt like I would have bruises. I could barely get the dress off without calling my son for help (I would have died from embarrassment), the next dress was a button up, so I figured I could step into it and get it to work. Fat chance (no pun intended) I couldn’t get the buttons to close in the front (my breasts have gotten bigger, no complaint there). So I ended up late, in a huff, and having to wear the stupid corduroy pants. Not a good way to start your morning.

The neighbors downstairs

Every couple of nights (sometimes every night) I hear a woman screaming. This has woken me from my sleep, or caused me to want to hurl and not be able to go to sleep. At first you think there is a problem, they you realize the woman is SCREAMING in some redneck style ecstasy. Come on lady you live in an apartment, do you have to SREAM during sex? Its one thing to make noise, Im sure I wouldn’t hear them if they were just making noise, but NO, this heavy set navy wife SCREAMS like a dying COW. It is terribly disturbing to say the least. I have wanted to do the rude neighbor thing and pound on the walls, but I have stopped myself. I think I may call the apartment manager and complain today. Not that I am prude, I just think screaming at the top of your lungs is a little inappropriate for the wee hours of the night, regardless if it is pleasure screams or not. (SIGH)

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